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Australia ranked in the top 5 most generous countries

In 2021 Australia ranked 4th in the world for overall generosity:

  • 69% helped a stranger
  • 64% donated money
  • 33% of volunteered time

Donation statistics

In 2019-20 the average tax-deductible donations claimed were:

  • $1,046.86 by male taxpayers
  • $738.93 by female taxpayers

In 2019-20 the percentage of donations made and claimed by gender were:

  • 2.08 million male taxpayers (27.33% of male taxpayers)
  • 2.26 million female taxpayers (30.73% of female taxpayers)

In 2019-21 the average donations were:

  • 0.38% of male taxable income
  • 0.43% by female taxable income

Australians donated $ billions

In 2019-20:

  • Australians donated and claimed $3.85 billion
  • 4.34 million Australian taxpayers (29% of taxpaying population) made and claimed tax-deductible donations
  • $886.75 was the average donation
  • $248 was the average donation through workplace giving programs

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