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Cathy Goodwin
BFF Founder

Cathy's story

A charity like no other

BFF was founded in 2020, with the vision of providing digital vouchers to people suffering physical and/or mental hardship, giving access to goods and services not otherwise affordable.

BFF founder, Cathy Goodwin, created the vision drawing on her own personal life experiences. Determined to help people disadvantaged through no fault of their own, Cathy saw an opportunity to provide such help, and at the same time, assisting local businesses.

Australians have a history of people impacted by natural disasters (Floods, Bushfires, GFC, Recession). With the COVID-19 pandemic and the 2020 fires in southern NSW, Cathy saw the opportunity of assisting local businesses who were suffering during these difficult times, by aiding them in introducing new customers and additional revenue by involving them in the supply of much needed goods and services for the disadvantaged.

We help thousands of people with love and compassion
– everyone needs a friend when it counts.

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