Power of 20

Chain of generosity

BFF has a clear and compassionate mission: to provide digital vouchers to individuals facing physical and/or mental hardships, enabling them to access essential goods and services they might not otherwise afford.

In order to do this BFF needs seed funding to build the infrastructure that will deliver these life-changing digital vouchers to those who need them.

BFF 4 Change is creating something big …

The “Power of 20” is a unique and impactful fundraising campaign designed to harness the collective strength of individuals in raising funds for a worthy cause.

The concept revolves around 20 people each donating $20 and then encouraging 20 of their friends to do the same, creating a powerful ripple effect that maximizes the impact of each contribution.

This campaign aims to spread the message of collective giving and mobilize a vast network of supporters, thereby significantly increasing the funds raised.

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All donations over $2.00 are tax deductible. You will be issued with a receipt upon finalisation of payment.

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