Our sponsors

Thank you to our amazing sponsors

It is only through the general financial support of our sponsors that BFF 4 Change can deliver much needed support to those who need it most. Their support means that 100% of of public donations can be used to buy products and services for recipients without having to pay for any administrative costs. 

Why Sponsor?

In order to bring this project to life we need initial Sponsorship funding to build the online platform from which this will operate plus funding to launch BFF 4 Change to the public.

All of this costs money and once launched will be the new model from which Charities and Donors will operate.

Sponsors will reap the benefits of their association with BFF 4 Change and its numerous Charity Partners.

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Be at the Forefront of Change

Every business understands the importance of demonstrating corporate social responsibility. And everyone has heard about the “Pay it Forward” movement. What if you could do both? BFF 4 Change is a unique online platform, in that it allows donors to “pay it forward” to multiple charities and causes, whilst assisting local suppliers, all via the ONE platform.

BFF 4 Change is an aggregator, using digital technology to connect all parts of the charity supply chain. Donors, businesses, charities and beneficiaries, in a ONE STOP SHOP.

BFF 4 Change works directly with charities and businesses to ensure families in crisis can be linked directly to goods and services, quickly, without the burden of undue costs or red tape.

Buy Forward Further

BFF 4 Change:
  • Ensures donors that 100% of their donation benefits those in need.
  • Assists charities provide physical and mental nourishment to people in crisis.
  • Assists charities in their endeavours to build self-esteem and maintain dignity for personal and social growth.
  • Provides vulnerable families with gifts of goods and services that they could not otherwise afford.
  • Utilises donors preferred suppliers (businesses) in providing the much needed goods and services.

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All donations over $2.00 are tax deductible. You will be issued with a receipt upon finalisation of payment.

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