Cathy Goodwin

Founder & Director

Cathy’s journey through life has been a rich tapestry of experiences, encompassing both ups and downs. With a diverse career spanning various fields like hospitality, real estate, sales, and product development, she has gained invaluable expertise and skills.

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Cathy has also been deeply involved in community sports and school committees, where she is highly regarded for her teamwork and significant contributions.

Currently, Cathy runs a successful Food Equipment Consultancy business, demonstrating her proficiency in finance, sales, marketing, and systems development.

However, her life story goes beyond her professional achievements. Cathy has personally experienced the challenges of living in and escaping from violent relationships while caring for her children. She has relied on the kindness of friends and accessed welfare for accommodation and financial support during difficult times. Over the past decade, she has worked tirelessly to build a new and fulfilling life for herself.

It is these personal experiences that form the foundation of BFF. Cathy’s deep empathy and unwavering passion to make a difference fuel her commitment to changing the future for others facing hardships.

Her combination of small business acumen, operational expertise, and genuine passion has empowered her to bring BFF to life and nurture its growth sustainably, ensuring that the charity’s impact will endure for years to come.

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